Using Social Media to Increase Care Home and Home Care Enquiries

Boosting word of mouth with social networks

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How You Can Use Social Media to Increase Enquiries for Your Care Home or Home Care Agency

The internet has provided growth to business advertisements and marketing campaigns in leaps and bounds. Creating a paper trail that leads to one's product is easier nowadays and can be done in one click of a share button. Internet and social media marketing provide a number of advantages over conventional media particularly in their ability to target specific groups of people and accurately track and fine tune the success of your campaign.

One of the great things that make social media networks like Facebook, Twitter as well as blogs and websites work wonders for proprietors is the fact that almost everyone within the catchment area of your care home or domiciliary care agency is connected or wired into it. 

Social media is highly accessible and available to everyone who has a mobile phone with data connection. Therefore, utilising this tool to its maximum capacity to help increase service and bed enquiries for your care home or home care business is crucial. 

It doesn't matter whether you are just starting with your care home or home care business or you have been in the sector for a while. Using these online networks will make a distinct difference in your marketing and advertising strategies. Thus, channelling more traffic and attention to what your service can offer.

Here are some smart ways of using social media to get people into asking about your care home or home care service.

Always Consider Quality over Quantity

Smart usage of social media networks and websites do not equate to registering on every available network. Be focussed in what you are doing so that you don't spend large amounts of time on activities which produce little benefit.   Given the vastness of the internet world, there are bound to be hundreds of social media avenues to choose from. Regardless of whether you are a small care organisation or a medium or larger corporate you will need to focus your social media marketing strategy on your target market and the best channels to reach them. 

Build a presence on two or three social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (if you want to post great photos of your facility.) It is better to hone and master reaching out to a lot of people with fewer platforms in order to be more efficient. Once you've got the hang of it, you can start expanding your reach towards other available sites.

Be Present 

There are those who register and start building their social media presence on major sites and platforms but often end up being disengaged. Others rely on general posts and passive advertisements but don't take the time to directly engage the people in their network. 

Provide a care service one's brand and getting people interested enough to ask about getting a bed in one of your care home facilities means actually starting conversations with your wide audience. Take the time to sit down and ask questions as well as answering their queries. This way, your consumers will feel that your care service genuine and sincere in the services you provide.

Increasing bed enquiries for your domiciliary care business and social media is easy to start but will need time to be built. Making your presence felt and building brand awareness through frequent social interactions is key. Always remember to provide substantial information and enough interaction with people online with the goal of building a solid social media presence that will draw even more interest to your business.

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