Social Media Marketing For Domiciliary Care Agencies

Using Facebook and Twitter

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How you can use social media to grow your domiciliary care agency

There are a lot of people engaged in the domiciliary care business who are looking to grow.  It’s not surprising as this is a growth industry as more and more families are seeking the best care for their elderly relatives as they are busy with work and family. 

These days more and more home care agencies are looking to social media to help facilitate the expansion of their brand and increase the growth of their domiciliary care agency. 

It is imperative though, that before taking to social media, your domiciliary care business should be at least established in the local community.  It’s always easier to take to social media when you already have a running involvement within your community and the people within it. So, always seek opportunities to promote your business locally as this will ensure that you already have a specific slogan and brand to advertise online.

Use social media to paint a clear picture online

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great tools in amassing brand awareness as well as widening your target market and your agency’s reach. This definitely equates to more attention for your home care agency and hopefully resulting in growth. However, using social networks like Facebook without specific or highly established presence is like trying to catch water with a bucket filled with holes. 

That is why, providing people online with a clear picture of what your home care agency is all about is very important. Gather enough data, information and photos that substantially show your home care agency and its services and post them on these social networks. This way, people will recognise your home care business as something real and relatable. 

Use social media to provide testimonials

Social media works best when people are interacting. Most followers are weary of internet trolls and scammers. Who would want to join up with an agency that does not even have commentaries from real people in real time?

Growing your domiciliary care agency will be faster if you use social media as a tool to show testimonies from residents, partner agencies, staff and even the people around your community. Post-credible information about the people who provide testimonies as well.

In general, most readers will believe information based on what other people provide. Real people mean real reaction and reactions to your home care social media posts means more awareness.

Use social media to highlight your home care agency's specialties

Again, being highly specific when using social media is key. While it is reasonable and practical that you advertise and talk about your home care agency's service, in general, it is to your advantage if you also focus on special care services that you provide. Or, if you are in alliance with a company that specialises on Alzheimer's or the elderly with disabilities, then post it on these sites.

This way you do not stay on one channel, but will have a chance to engage a wider niche with more potential of reaching hundreds of people willing to invest or work for your home care agency.

Mycareadmin understands that getting online and sorting through social media networks can be a bit of challenge. This is why we have created streamlined, user-friendly applications, which will help simplify the process of building an online presence.

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