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How you can use email marketing to grow your care training programme

In the wake of the success of social media network sites, one of the oldest marketing strategies has still managed to remain relevant and almost unchanging: Email Marketing!
Yes, it’s true that despite the convenience and accessibility of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the likes, the email is still thriving due to its flexibility and universality.  After all, most of these networks rely on email addresses to register and build a page online.  What's more important is that email remains user friendly and unchanged even with the new generation of smart phones and tablets.  With the simplicity and tenure of email marketing through the years, one can simply announce that email marketing is evolving and will never die.
This is one of the reasons why people who are in the care home and domiciliary care business training sector need to ensure that they are using this marketing strategy to its full efficiency. 
Here are some great tips on how you can use email marketing to grow your care training company!

Think about how you can acquire an audience

As with any marketing plan, having a huge and continuously growing audience is extremely important.  You have to know where to find your niche!  Do research on places as well as social networking sites where customers are inclined to go to and are looking for your brand or type of business.  Once you have a target place, find a way to optimise the tools and techniques to drive a more interactive connection between you and your audience.

Always send relevant and personalised emails

Content is key in any marketing strategy, more highly so when it comes to email marketing. Avoid sending a full blast of messages carrying redundant data.  Strive to send new, relevant messages with new, interesting information about your brand and how it correlates to your target audience.  This way, they will now be looking forward to every email sent from you!
Also, personalising your emails is significant.  This puts the email on a more personal level and you can ultimately start a comfortable and tangible rapport with your readers.  Sincerity is highly valued in these situations.  The more real and relatable you are, the easier it is for people to believe in the brand you are marketing.

Optimise for mobile emailing

There are a lot of smart phones and tablets that can easily open emails.  However, not everyone will be using these types of devices.  Ensuring that your email is fit and designed to optimise email for mobile phones will greatly help engage consumers into reading your digital letters. Take note, a huge percentage of consumers do not read and will delete emails immediately if they cannot be opened or viewed on their mobile phones. 

However, always keep in mind that your target market are made up of both smart phone and non-smart phone users, so ensure that you have a plan to accommodate both types of consumers.

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