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Tips on how to market your domiciliary care agency

Some people might think that setting up a domiciliary care agency is fairly easy. Surely without the capital costs of starting a care home, how difficult could it be to start a service looking after people in their own homes? On the contrary, getting a home care business set up is hard work and marketing the home care agency alone can be quite a task.

In today's competitive world, marketing can be a challenge but it is also the best way to gain more customers and good quality staff.  However, there are still a lot of people who need a ‘leg up’ when it comes to effectively marketing their business. But it’s good to know that you do not need a degree in marketing in order to make a difference.

Here are three tips that anyone can use to market one's domiciliary care agency to its fullest!

Create a list of people to market to

The first basic step to any successful marketing venture is to brainstorm and plan to the smallest detail.  When it comes to the domiciliary home care business, many thrive on referrals through word-of-mouth recommendations. This is why a first step should be having a list of known professionals and current customers who can be sources of referrals.

Create a list of people who are willing to send you referrals. These are ideally people who are within easy reach of your community like senior citizen clubs, churches and organisations that cater to the elderly. Once you have identified your target market sufficiently, you can start reaching out to these sources and begin informing them about your services.

Create a list of what to market your business with

Once you realise that you are ready to communicate with people who can be beneficial to marketing and help create a buzz for your domiciliary agency, you need to organise your campaign. The second step to is to know the strengths and advantages of your domiciliary care agency.

Start by making a list of the different strengths (USPs) of your agency and why it is different from most domiciliary care businesses. Think of the many reasons why people should choose you over the competition and why these organisations and professionals should refer you to their clients and friends. Through this, you will be confident when making your pitch or selling your business to potential clients and referral sources.

Create relationships

It is not enough that you just go and speak to these organisations, doctors, hospitals or senior citizen groups. You have to work on building relationships with these people who cater and specialise to customers who are in need of a domiciliary care service. 

Don't just leave a brochure or a piece of paper with your target markets and referral sources. Start to build rapport and develop trust and camaraderie by constantly keeping in touch and helping their causes as well. Once they do come through and send you referrals, do not forget to thank them or show appreciation.

There are many avenues to use for marketing your domiciliary care agency. You can also issue press releases, place advertisements, blogs and post on social network sites.  However, if you use these tools for marketing without a solid plan of action as well as a specific target group, you may be wasting both time and opportunities. 

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