Developing a brand for your care organisation

Things to consider

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In today's busy world, more and more people are scrambling for time in order to get everything done.  One of the big dilemmas that many families face is how to provide their elderly relatives with the essential care and attention that they require. 
With people now living longer, the demand for good quality care is increasing, but the choice for families can be confusing.  With the increasing demand for services comes strong competition within the care sector.
Potential clients and their families will use a number of information sources before choosing a care provider.   Developing a good brand for your care organisation that tells people what you do and what your values are is of utmost importance.
It is vital that you develop a strong consistent brand for your care business right from the start because:
    •    People naturally gravitate towards services with brands as it means these are tried and tested with minimal to zero perceived risks
    •    Correct branding builds more trust and creates familiarity
    •    Branding hastens a business's popularity and will easily attract the right type of consumers 
    •    A well branded care organisation will give a competitive advantage over less well run and inconsistent services

Organisations who want to succeed in the care sector need to thoroughly consider several factors to develop their brands. Here are some points to help:

What is your brand statement?
One of the most powerful tools for branding is advertising and marketing.    Nowadays, the Internet and Social Media have become valuable tools to disseminate information to people looking for care services and facilities (but remember that many people still want to receive a hard copy brochure).  A brand statement for your business can help you penetrate the audience that are seeking care facilities.
However, with thousands of messages sent and received every day, you need to be able to infiltrate the minds of your target audience with a statement which is thought provoking and easy to remember to keep your brand and service at the front of their minds.   Barchester uses the line "Celebrating Life".   Smaller care providers may want to consider statements that target their locality or niche.
Having a good brand statement for your care business will help people remember you and associate their needs with your services.

Is you brand represented well?

A good brand statement is a powerful tool but if you couple it with your own unique and attractive brand logo, you will be able to cover almost all the bases for successful marketing and advertising for your care business. A logo symbolises what your branded care business is all about in one picture. Make sure it finely communicates your brand's message so it’s solidly represented in advertising and marketing strategies.

Is your brand consistent with your service and marketing strategy?

Branding is just one element of marketing your care organisaion but it is essential that your branding is consistent with the service you offer and your overall marketing strategy.   People looking for care services will get their information about your organisation from a wide range of sources including CQC inspection reports, brochures, adverts, recommendations and your company website.

Is your brand positioned in the market correctly?
Having a bold brand statement and logo will be worth nothing if you do not know how to place your care business advertisements and marketing strategies along the right routes and avenues. 
You have to consider the appropriate channels to place your brand so that it gets the heavy flow of traffic and attention it needs to flourish. It is essential to create a good marketing strategy that encompasses the most appropriate media and channels to disseminate your brand.
More and more people are using the internet to gather information and research care services so one of the best marketing avenues is having a great website.  This will bring all of your marketing activity together in one place. Your website should contain all  your information, high quality photos, interesting blogs as well as case studies and customer testimonials, that existing and potential customers can easily access and read. Did you know that over 50% of your website visitors might be viewing your website from a mobile phone?   It is therefore essential that your website is mobile friendly.  It should also be easy for you to update and make changes.  With a decent online marketing system in place, you can be sure that your brand will not get swallowed by the competition.

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